EU Approves Military Action on Refugee Smugglers

EU Approves Military Action on Refugee SmugglersEU Approves Military Action on Refugee Smugglers

EU member states approved on Monday plans to take military action against people smugglers in the Mediterranean, seizing and destroying boats to break up networks operating out of Libya.

The EU launched a first, intelligence gathering phase of its EU NavFor Med operation in July.

Now it will be allowed to stop and if necessary destroy boats which have carried thousands of migrants risking their lives to get to Europe, AFP reported.

  Migrants still coming

Austrian police say thousands of migrants are still streaming into two towns on the country’s eastern border with Hungary, AP reported.

Police spokesman Gerald Pangl said about 14,000 people arrived at Nickelsdorf, which has been the main focus of the influx over the past week, on Sunday and another 2,500 in the early hours of Monday.

In recent days, significant numbers of migrants also have been crossing into Austria further south at Heiligenkreuz. Between 5,000 and 10,000 people are expected there on Monday, police spokesman Gerald Koller told the Austria Press Agency. He said that around 500 are arriving every hour by bus.

Meanwhile, the Austrian army has been sent to assist in introducing tougher border checks amid the growing migrant crisis, Reuters cited the country’s vice chancellor as saying.

At least 2,200 soldiers will assist police in tackling the refugee crisis on the border, according to a statement from the Austrian government.

The soldiers will be deployed when their help is required, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said, Krone newspaper reported.