Deadly Attack on Turkish Power Station

Deadly Attack on Turkish Power Station
Deadly Attack on Turkish Power Station

Kurdish armed forces attacked a hydroelectric power station near the southeastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir on Sunday, killing a soldier and wounding three others, security sources said.

The attack, the latest in two months of escalating clashes which have brought a peace process to the brink of collapse, did not disrupt the operations of the plant, officials said, Reuters reported.

Military attack helicopters were searching for fighters from the Kurdistan Workers' Party after they fled, the sources said.

Turkey has launched more than 400 airstrikes against PKK camps in northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey since late July, in what it says is a response to mounting attacks on police officers and soldiers. Ankara, the US and European Union consider PKK a terrorist organization.

Kurdish activists accuse Turkey of launching the military campaign to stifle Kurdish political gains in Turkey and territorial ambitions in northern Syria, where groups allied to PKK have been battling Islamic State insurgents. Ankara denies the accusations.

The Turkish Army said in a statement that 11 customs officials at a border gate with Iran had been kidnapped by PKK militants on Friday. PKK has kidnapped state officials in the past, most of whom have later been released.

The unrest comes at a difficult time for the NATO member, which faces a snap election in November after the ruling Justice and Development Party lost its majority in a June parliamentary poll for the first time since coming to power more than a decade ago.