4 Pakistani Soldiers Killed Near Afghan Border

4 Pakistani Soldiers Killed Near Afghan Border4 Pakistani Soldiers Killed Near Afghan Border

The Pakistani Army said on Sunday rockets fired by militants from across the Afghan border hit a military post, killing four soldiers and wounding four others.

An army statement said troops at the post in Akhandwala Pass in the Khyber tribal region killed the militants behind the attack Sunday. The military did not say which militant group launched the attack, AP reported. The Pakistani Army is currently engaged in a massive operation to drive out militants in Khyber and other tribal regions.

Local and foreign militants have used havens in tribal regions for years to carry out attacks on both sides of the border, frequently attacking army positions in the mountainous terrain.

Afghanistan has accused Pakistan of meddling in its affairs and prolonging a 14-year war by aiding Taliban militants in a cynical quest for influence.

Pakistan, which hosts masses of Afghan refugees, denies the charge and says it cannot be expected to monitor the movement of Afghan militants back and forth across border regions barely under the control of Islamabad.

This has been a longstanding issue between the two neighbors but a recent uptick in stridency is striking and dangerous at a time when the Taliban seem to grow more militant and NATO has pulled its combat troops from Afghanistan.

After a series of deadly attacks earlier this month in the Afghan capital, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani accused Pakistan on live TV of being the source of the violence in his country.