Kabul Car Bomb Kills 10

Kabul Car Bomb Kills 10Kabul Car Bomb Kills 10

A car bomb outside a Kabul hospital killed at least 10 people and caused widespread casualties among Afghan civilians, although it appeared to have targeted a vehicle carrying foreign citizens, witnesses and security sources said.

At least one foreigner was among the 10 killed by the bomb that wounded 60 people, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wahidullah Mayar said, Reuters reported.

Paramedics carried the wounded away on stretchers in a street littered with broken glass and mangled cars, a witness said.

The bomb was placed in a Toyota sedan, a security official at the scene said. Parts of the car ripped apart by the force of the blast were scattered along the street. Glass was blown out of the windows of the Shinozada Hospital and a six-story building opposite.

Photos from the scene showed armed foreigners in civilian clothes around wrecked vehicles.

“It was a suicide attack and the blast was huge,” said Habib Rahman Qasim, a doctor who works at the hospital near the scene. He said his clinic had received 15 lightly injured civilians, but he had seen at least one dead child and one woman.

“There were some people laying on the road, but I don’t know the number.”