Thailand Hunting for Bomb Suspect Caught on Camera

Thailand Hunting for Bomb Suspect Caught on CameraThailand Hunting for Bomb Suspect Caught on Camera

Thai authorities said on Tuesday they were looking for a suspect seen on closed-circuit television footage near a famous shrine where a bomb blast killed 22 people, nearly half of them foreigners.

The government said the attack during the Monday evening rush hour in the capital's bustling commercial hub was aimed at destroying the economy. No one has claimed responsibility, Reuters reported. Jangling nerves in the city on Tuesday, a small explosive was thrown from a bridge toward a river pier, sending a plume of water into the air, but no one was injured.

The man suspected of the bombing at the Erawan Shrine was seen in grainy CCTV footage entering the compound with a backpack on, sitting down against a railing and then slipping out of the bag's straps. Wearing a yellow shirt and with shaggy, dark hair, the young man then stands up and walks out holding a blue plastic bag and what appears to be a mobile phone.

The backpack was left by the fence as tourists milled about.

Police said the suspect could be Thai or foreign. Police earlier said they had not ruled out any group, including elements opposed to the military government, for the bombing at the shrine, although officials said the attack did not match the tactics of separatists in the south.