Russia Questions Turkey’s Campaign Against PKK

Russia Questions Turkey’s Campaign Against PKKRussia Questions Turkey’s Campaign Against PKK

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Ankara’s actions in Iraq, where the Turkish aircraft bomb positions of the Kurdistan Workers Party, raise questions about their legitimacy.

In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Ahram,” he drew a parallel between the actions of the US-led coalition in Syria and Turkey’s operation in northern Iraq, World Bulletin reported.

“The coalition has been created to bypass the UN Security Council and extended its activities to the territory of Syria, without the consent of its government. This creates serious doubts in terms of the legitimacy of such action … The recent Turkish airstrikes in Iraq makes one ask analogous questions.

“Syria and Iraq today are experiencing severe, tragic times … They are facing a massive terrorist attack.”

Medvedev also underlined IS as a “direct threat” to security. “IS aggression (has) already affected Libya, Lebanon, Yemen and Jordan … The so-called caliphate proclaimed by IS in large parts of the Iraqi and Syrian territory is a direct threat to security, not only for the Middle East.”

He expressed confidence that the fight against terrorism should be made with “joint efforts and coordination of the widest possible range of states under the aegis of the UN.”

In this regard, Medvedev said Russia’s President Vladimir Putin took the initiative to create an international anti-terrorist front.