16 killed in Boko Haram Raids on Lake Chad

16 killed in Boko Haram Raids on Lake Chad16 killed in Boko Haram Raids on Lake Chad

At least 13 suspected Boko Haram militants and three civilians were killed in separate attacks over the weekend after the insurgents raided several remote localities around Lake Chad, Chadian security sources said on Monday.

The insurgents are also suspected of kidnapping some 30 people in Katikine Village, near the lake, Reuters reported.

The hostages were taken onboard four speedboats to an unknown destination, one of the security source said, asking not to be named.

“Medi was attacked by men on motorized boats,” the security source said. “The army returned fire and killed 13 assailants. Some soldiers were wounded.”

“The same day, three people in Blarigi Village had their throats slit by suspected Boko Haram fighters,” he said, adding that some 2,000 inhabitants of Fitine Island on the lake were forced to flee following attacks that razed the village.