Emirati Plane Delivers Aid to Yemen

Emirati Plane Delivers Aid to YemenEmirati Plane Delivers Aid to Yemen

An Emirati plane landed in Aden at dawn on Friday, bringing humanitarian aid to the southern Yemeni city, only hours after its airport came under rocket fire.

The aircraft is the third to land in the port city since the symbolic reopening of the airport on Wednesday, after nearly four months of fierce fighting, AFP reported.

It delivered medical supplies from the Red Cross and the UAE before departing, an airport official said.

A vital supply artery for war-torn south Yemen, the facility came under fire on Thursday as a plane was unloading humanitarian aid on the tarmac.

Overnight, rocket attacks on Aden killed three people and wounded 57, according to Al-Khader Laswar, a health official in the city.

The Saudi-led military coalition that backs Yemen's fugitive president Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Hadi carried out airstrikes across Aden during the night, said a tribal source.

Elsewhere, coalition warplanes struck positions in Omran, north of the capital Sana'a, and Dhamar in central Yemen, according to residents.

Aden and the other southern provinces of Yemen have been largely inaccessible to UN food aid, and around 13 million people, over half the population, are thought to be in a situation of "critical" or "emergency" food insecurity.