Anti-Houthi Forces Make Gains in Yemen

Anti-Houthi Forces Make Gains in YemenAnti-Houthi Forces Make Gains in Yemen

The government of Yemen's fugitive president Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Hadi claimed on Saturday some of its ministers had returned to Aden from Riyadh, after the exiled government declared the key southern city of Aden "liberated."

“We arrived last night,” Hadi's Interior Minister Abdo al-Huzeifi said, adding that he was accompanied by Transport Minister Badr Basalma and several security officials, AFP reported.

However, Huzeifi did not say how the delegation reached Aden. He also claimed the Houthis had been pushed out of Aden, except for “few besieged groups that are refusing to surrender.”

But witnesses said Houthi forces remained in control of the city’s Al-Tawahi district on Saturday and that heavy fighting was continuing there.

Aden was Hadi’s last refuge after he fled the capital Sana'a earlier this year as the Houthis took control of the government in September.

Media affiliated with Yemen's exiled government also said loyalists wrested two military bases from Houthis overnight on Saturday.

This is while Al Jazeera reported at least 48 people were killed and scored injured in shelling in the Dar Saad district of Aden on Sunday.