S. Korea Intel Official Dead in Hacking Scandal

S. Korea Intel Official Dead in Hacking ScandalS. Korea Intel Official Dead in Hacking Scandal

A South Korean agent was found dead after an apparent suicide amid a growing scandal over a covert hacking program that officials say was aimed at rival North Korea. Seoul says it was used for lawful means.

Police said a note left by the National Intelligence Service agent, identified only by his surname Lim, contained a denial of spying on civilians or politicians. His body was found in his car on a mountain road south of Seoul, DW reported.

Last week, South Korea’s Supreme court ordered a review of the conviction of former spy chief Won Sei-hoon on charges related to an NIS smear campaign against an opposition presidential candidate in 2012.

Ruling party legislator, Lee Chul-woo, who heads South Korea’s parliamentary intelligence committee, said agent Lim had purchased and run the hacking program. It installs spyware and allows users to track smartphones and computers.

Last Tuesday, the intelligence service told lawmakers it had purchased the program from Italian company, Hacking Team.