Colombia, FARC Rebels Reach Deescalation Deal

Colombia, FARC Rebels Reach  Deescalation DealColombia, FARC Rebels Reach  Deescalation Deal

The Colombian government promised on Sunday to reduce hostilities against the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia guerilla group, if the rebels come through on their promise of a monthlong ceasefire to begin on July 20.

Brokered with the help of Cuban and Norwegian diplomats in Havana, the two sides reached a tentative agreement for a unilateral truce, DW reported.

“The national government will as of July 20 put in place a process of deescalation of military actions in correspondence with a suspension of military action by the FARC,” read the joint statement issued in Havana.

Bogota and FARC have been engaged in peace talks for more than two years in an attempt to finally end the longest war in South American history. The conflict has killed around 220,000 people and displaced millions over a 50-year period.

The armed strife in Colombia dates back to 1964 and has involved drug gangs and right-wing paramilitaries as well as leftist FARC.