EU Policy in Ukraine “Backfired” in Europe

EU Policy in Ukraine “Backfired”  in EuropeEU Policy in Ukraine “Backfired”  in Europe

EU’s destructive policy in Ukraine has backfired, putting the future of hundreds of millions of Europeans on the line, the Russian parliamentary speaker wrote on Monday.

“The unscrupulous and destructive policy our European partners pursued in Ukraine has backfired on the entire continent which is something we have always warned would happen,” Sergei Naryshkin wrote in his column in Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, Sputnik reported.

“New lies about an ‘aggressive Russia’ will not help, and I just do not understand how such seasoned politicians could have forgotten that moral deficiency is an extremely dangerous thing to have.”

Naryshkin also stressed that the habit of making do without moral principles has already ruined many political careers.

“It is even worse when the interests of entire nations are sacrificed to someone’s lust for power and some ‘lofty’, ideational ends.”