Israel Killed 23 Palestinians Since Start of 2015

Israel Killed 23 Palestinians Since Start of 2015Israel Killed 23 Palestinians Since Start of 2015

At least 23 Palestinians have been killed and another 2,156 detained by the Israeli military since January 1, 2015, the Palestine Liberation Organization said in a report.

In its report, the PLO added that 131 Palestinian homes had been destroyed in armed operations carried out by the Israeli army in the first half of this year alone. The report noted that the Israeli army killed at least 42 Palestinians in the same period of 2014.

In July and August of last year, more than 2,150 Palestinians were killed and 11,000 injured—mostly women and children—during a 51-day Israeli military onslaught against the blockaded Gaza Strip, World Bulletin reported.

Gaza’s youngest residents still appear to be bearing the heaviest and most lasting consequences of last summer’s war. A report published on Monday by Save the Children, entitled “A Living Nightmare: Gaza One Year On”, says 551 children were killed and 3,436 were injured, of whom 10% suffered permanent disability. One Israeli child was killed during the war, and 270 injured.

Three-quarters of Gaza’s children experience unusual bedwetting regularly, the report says, while 89% of parents report that their children suffer constant feelings of fear and more than 70% of children say they are worried about another war. Seven out of 10 children interviewed now suffer regular nightmares.

More than 70 percent of children in the worst-affected areas of Gaza suffer from regular nightmares and bedwetting and live in fear of further fighting, while half do not want to attend school because they are afraid to leave home, the charity said.