11 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Ambush

11 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Ambush11 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Ambush

Taliban militants in Afghanistan killed at least 11 Afghan soldiers in an ambush in western Herat Province, police said in a statement.

The convoy of pickup trucks was attacked on Sunday evening in Karukh district of Herat, according to officials, BBC reported.

Weapons were stolen by the Taliban from the scene of the attack, the Tolo News Agency reported. It said at least six soldiers had been injured. The ambush follows fighting last week in the northern province of Kunduz.

Taliban increased attacks on the security forces since launching their annual spring offensive in late April.

NATO’s combat mission in Afghanistan formally ended in December after 13 years, although a small contingent of foreign forces has remained in the country to provide training and support to local security forces.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, police and counter-terrorism forces raided a house near the eastern city of Lahore early Monday and killed four Taliban militants, officials said.

The raid was conducted in Ferozewala town, 18 km north of the Punjab provincial capital Lahore.

“We had intelligence information about presence of suspected militants in a house and when a police squad was sent there, the suspects opened fire at them,” provincial home minister Shuja Khanzada said. “Three militants were killed, the fourth blew himself up and two others were wounded and captured. The group belongs to TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan).”

Pakistan’s army says it has killed more than 2,700 militants since launching an offensive on TTP’s main base in North Waziristan tribal district in June last year, and destroyed more than 800 of their hideouts.