Al-Shabab Attacks Mogadishu

Al-Shabab Attacks MogadishuAl-Shabab Attacks Mogadishu

The Al-Shabab militant group launched a major suicide raid on Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Sunday.

A suicide car bomber and gunmen attacked a training center for the national intelligence agency on Sunday morning. Government officials said that soldiers “foiled the attack” and at least three militants died, BBC reported.

The militants have vowed to intensify attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Al-Shabab claims to have killed several intelligence officers inside the building, something the government denies.

After the suicide bomb was detonated outside the training center, gunmen reportedly stormed a civilian house that they had mistaken for the government facility.

Interior ministry spokesman, Mohamed Yusuf, said security forces had successfully repulsed the attackers.

“They were trying to storm the premises but they have been taken out before they reached their objective. There was no casualty on our side.”

Bodies of al-Shabab militants were shown to the media. Witnesses described how the fighting started.

“There was a heavy explosion and in seconds heavy gunfire broke out. We cannot go outside the house because of the shooting,” local resident Abdulahi Yare said.

Security in the country has improved but Al-Shabab still attacks Mogadishu regularly. The group has targeted the intelligence headquarters before.

Various armed groups have been battling for control of Somalia since the overthrow of former president Siad Barre in 1991.