Erdogan: Snap Vote Inevitable if No Gov’t Within Deadline

Erdogan: Snap Vote Inevitable if No Gov’t Within DeadlineErdogan: Snap Vote Inevitable if No Gov’t Within Deadline

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a snap election would be “inevitable” if both the ruling AKP and the main opposition parties fail in efforts to form a new government within the constitutional limit of 45 days.

In comments published on Sunday in Milliyet newspaper, Erdogan said he planned to grant a mandate to form a new government first to the AKP, which won around 41 percent of the vote in the June 7 election, short of securing the parliamentary majority required to rule alone, Reuters reported.

“Let’s say the party who came first in the election could not achieve this (to form a government) and neither did the second one … In such a case, going to the ballot box again as per the constitution would be inevitable,” Erdogan told reporters late on Saturday as he flew back from Azerbaijan from a closed-door meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After parliament is sworn in later this month, Erdogan is expected to formally empower the AKP to form a new government. If it does not succeed in doing so within 45 days, he has the power to call a new election.

“To leave the country without a government is unthinkable,” Erdogan said. “The uncertainty should not last long to make sure investments and our international relations are not disrupted. A government should be formed as soon as possible.”

The election result thwarted Erdogan’s ambition to establish an executive presidency and accumulate greater powers.