Gunmen Attack Dallas Police HQ

Gunmen Attack Dallas Police HQGunmen Attack Dallas Police HQ

A group of up to four gunmen attacked a police station in Texas overnight, firing at officers. A black van then rammed a police vehicle outside their Dallas headquarters.

Men from inside the armored van began firing with automatic weapons before fleeing the scene. A video showed a police officer approaching the vehicle and then fleeing when he realized the threat.

A large number of shots were subsequently heard, Euronews reported. Police pursued the vehicle, said to be armored with firing holes cut into its sides. When the van stopped in a fast food restaurant parking lot in the city of Hutchins, there was an exchange of fire.

Dallas police chief David Brown said at a press conference that one of the suspects had identified himself to local residents as James Boulware. He said police had taken his son and accused him of being a terrorist.

After the attack, several bags were found near the headquarters building. One was discovered to contain homemade explosives. One of the bags exploded on its own, Dallas Police Major Max Geron tweeted. He said no officers were injured during the attack, chase or standoff.

Another suspicious package was found under a police truck at the department’s parking lot. All the discovered explosives and suspected explosives were disarmed.