Taliban Kill 20 Afghan Officers in Night Blitz

Taliban Kill 20 Afghan Officers in Night BlitzTaliban Kill 20 Afghan Officers in Night Blitz

Taliban militants overran checkpoints in a nighttime raid in Afghanistan’s volatile southern Helmand Province, killing at least 20 police officers as the battle raged into Saturday, authorities said.

The assault came as Afghanistan’s military acknowledged the Taliban controls at least four districts across the country.

The attacks in Helmand hit police checkpoints in the Musa Qala district, long a Taliban stronghold, said Mohammad Ismail Hotak, the head of the province’s joint coordination of police and military operations, AP reported.

He said the attacks wounded at least 10 officers, though the Taliban also seemed to have suffered high casualties.

Saqi Jan, the head of police logistics in Musa Qala, said area checkpoints were manned by officers from the neighboring district of Baghran who had been forced out by earlier Taliban attacks.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks. The insurgents have been targeting vulnerable police checkpoints across the country since launching their summer offensive in April. Last month, a Taliban attack in Helmand’s Naw Zad district killed at least 19 police officers.

Afghan army Gen. Afzel Aman, the head of the Defense Ministry’s operational department, told journalists Saturday that four districts are now under Taliban control in the country: Nawa in Ghazni Province, Baghran and Dishu in Helmand and Khak-e Afghan in Zabul Province.

Afghan forces are fighting the Taliban alone this year as the US and NATO have ended their combat mission and their casualties are soaring. Between Jan. 1-May 7, 2,322 army, police and local police personnel were killed, 53 percent more than the same period in 2014, according to NATO.