20 Iraqi Soldiers Dead in IS Attack

20 Iraqi Soldiers Dead in IS Attack20 Iraqi Soldiers Dead in IS Attack

IS militants launched a string of attacks on an Iraqi Army headquarters near Fallujah, killing at least 20 soldiers. The group’s suicide bombers detonated eight fortified car bombs near the army’s headquarters on Sunday.

IS had mounted an attack on missile batteries first and then moved toward the bases. According to reports, IS had been learning to exploit the Iraqi military’s weaknesses, Al Jazeera reported.

“They’re using these car bombs to devastating effect. These car bombs are very difficult for the Iraqi security forces to defend against,” said Al Jazeera correspondent from Baghdad.

Fallujah, in Iraq’s Anbar Province, is less than 70 km west of Baghdad.

There were also reports that another 33 Iraqi soldiers had been killed in an ambush near Ramadi, also in Anbar, but authorities were not in reach to confirm the toll. At least 13 soldiers had been confirmed dead near Ramadi on Sunday.

IS took control of Ramadi, the western capital of Anbar Province, on May 17, launching the invasion with six suicide bombs. The group publicized videos and images of its invasion online, and circulated photographs showing hundreds of beheaded Iraqi brigade members. Ramadi’s fall represents the Iraqi government’s worst defeat, since IS captured Mosul in 2014.

While a government spokesman said that the Iraqi forces were gearing up to retake the province, he said they needed more help from their allies.