Baltimore Cops Indicted in Gray’s Death

Baltimore Cops Indicted in Gray’s DeathBaltimore Cops Indicted in Gray’s Death

A grand jury on Thursday indicted all six Baltimore officers charged in the case of Freddie Gray, who died of injuries he suffered in police custody, allowing the state’s attorney to press ahead with the most serious charges.

All of the officers are now charged with reckless endangerment, which does not appear to have been on the original list of charges from May 1, in addition to other various charges, Al-Jazeera reported.

The most serious charge for each officer, ranging from second-degree “depraved heart” murder to assault, still stand. Mosby said prosecutors had presented evidence to the grand jury for the past two weeks. Some of the charges were changed based on new information.

Officer Caesar Goodson, Jr., who drove the transport van, faces the most serious charges, including second-degree depraved heart murder and involuntary manslaughter. Officer William Porter, Lt. Brian Rice and Sgt. Alicia White also each received an involuntary manslaughter charge among other charges.

Officers Edward Nero and Garret Miller were charged with second-degree intentional assault, misconduct in office for an illegal arrest, and misconduct in office for failing to perform a duty regarding the safety of a prisoner.