Airbus to Produce A400M Despite Crash

Airbus to Produce A400M Despite CrashAirbus to Produce A400M Despite Crash

Airbus said it will continue test flights and production of its A400M military plane the despite Saturday’s crash in Spain which killed four of its employees.

The plane maker said the next test flight was to take place on Tuesday, departing from its base in Toulouse, Euronews reported.

On Saturday an Airbus plane struck a pilon as it tried to crash land near Seville. Two pilots and two engineers died. A mechanic and another engineer were helped out of the wreckage by three civilians before the plane caught fire. They are in hospital in a serious condition.

The A400M which crashed was due to have been supplied to Turkey in July. The country, along with Britain, Germany and now Malaysia, has suspended flights of the new plane.