Nepal Quake 700 Times Stronger Than Hiroshima Bomb

Nepal Quake 700 Times Stronger Than Hiroshima BombNepal Quake 700 Times Stronger Than Hiroshima Bomb

Information suggests that energy released by the quake unleashed 700 times the power of the atomic bomb dropped by the United States on Hiroshima, Japan, said Efthimios Lekkas, Professor of Geology at the University of Athens. He said he expects another big earthquake during the next few months, Euronews reported.

He and his team recently spent five days in Nepal in the aftermath of the country’s devastating earthquake. The professor explained the absolute destruction they faced in Kathmandu.

“Everything has collapsed in neighborhoods throughout the capital. As soon as we arrived, the rescue teams were starting their work.” In Nepal, his team advised about the best was to support damaged buildings to prevent the ruins from falling apart.

“People are very afraid,” he said. “During the first weeks or months they will be staying in any available spaces away from their homes. Plus there are a lot of people fleeing Kathmandu, so there are queues and long lines of people waiting for the buses to take them out of the capital.”