Saudi-Led Airstrikes Persist in Yemen

Saudi-Led Airstrikes Persist in YemenSaudi-Led Airstrikes Persist in Yemen

Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition pounded Houthi fighter and military bases with at least 20 airstrikes throughout Yemen on Thursday, residents said, despite Riyadh saying it was winding down its campaign.

On Tuesday, the Arab alliance announced an end to its month-old bombing operation in Yemen but strikes have continued. A Saudi spokesman later said forces would continue to target Houthis, Reuters reported.

The Houthis announced on Thursday that airstrikes had so far killed 951 people, among them 134 children, and had wounded 3,311.

Other airstrikes hit military camps housing units loyal to the Houthis in the Western Red Sea port of Hodaida. One strike hit Houthi tanks near the port city of Aden in the south, according residents.

In Ibb in central Yemen, residents reported an intense series of strikes early on Thursday on Houthi positions and weapons warehouses.

They said targets included a military base in the town of al-Kafr, unspecified sites in Hubaysh, as well as a college on the outskirts of Ibb and another in the nearby city of Yarim.

Air raids on the capital have ceased in the last few days but food and fuel shortages still grip the Arabian Peninsula’s poorest country.