Iraqi President in Turkey to Discuss Military, Financial Aid

Iraqi President in Turkey to Discuss Military, Financial AidIraqi President in Turkey to Discuss Military, Financial Aid

Iraq’s President Fuad Masum started his official visit to Turkey along with a high-level government delegation, as regional and international developments, the fight against the Islamic State, and financial support Turkey pledged to Iraq to aid the reconstruction of the country will be the cornerstone of talks with Ankara.

“The Iraqi president will discuss bilateral relations with his Turkish counterpart [Recep Tayyip Erdogan] in the visit between April 21 and 23, as well as the ongoing issues in the region, especially the coordination to combat IS,” Khaled Shawani, the Iraqi predient’s spokesman, said on Tuesday, World Bulletin reported.

Shawani said Masum will hold a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek. “Iraq’s President Masum will participate in the Peace Summit, within the scope of the centennial anniversary of the Canakkale wars of 1915,” a statement said.

Turkey has been training Iraqi Kurdish fighters since November 2014, along with a recent training program for Sunni and Turkmen Iraqis ahead of a military operation to liberate Mosul. Kurdish Peshmerga forces are expected to be on the front lines in the northern and eastern regions of Mosul.

The Turkish military began training 800 militia fighters in a camp north of Mosul with the participation of 20 Turkish officers. In March, Turkey sent two cargo planes carrying non-lethal military equipment for 500 central Iraqi government soldiers.