US Embassy in Sanaa Attacked with Missile

US Embassy in Sanaa Attacked with MissileUS Embassy in Sanaa Attacked with Missile

A militant group affiliated with Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on the headquarters of the US embassy in northern Sanaa.

The group said the attack had caused injuries among soldiers deployed to guard the embassy headquarters.

It added in a statement on Twitter that the attack also damaged an armored vehicle.

Anadolu Agency could not, however, verify claims about these losses.

The militant group said it launched its attack on the US embassy in retaliation for a US drone attack on a number of women and children in the northern Yemeni province of Al-Jawf late on Friday.

The US regularly uses drones to attack in countries such as Yemen as part of a proclaimed strategy to combat militants without committing troops on the ground.

Washington acknowledges using drones in Yemen but does not comment publicly on the practice.

The attempted attack on the embassy came a day after the US told its citizens to leave Yemen and said it was reducing the number of US government staff there due to political unrest and fears of a possible military escalation.

The US embassy has been the target of several attacks in recent years, including one in 2008 by al-Qaida affiliated militants in which 18 people died.

In 2012, demonstrators angry at US-made film they considered blasphemous attempted to storm the compound; in May this year, the embassy said armed individuals had attempted to kidnap two of its officers at a small commercial business in Sanaa.