Miliband Pressed by Tories Over SNP Deal

Miliband Pressed by Tories Over SNP DealMiliband Pressed by Tories Over SNP Deal

David Cameron has pressed Ed Miliband to rule out cooperating with the SNP after the Labor leader again rejected a post-election coalition.

Miliband dismissed overtures from SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon during Thursday’s TV debate, saying there were “profound” differences between them, BBC reported.

Labor launches its manifesto for Scotland later, where it is behind the SNP in the opinion polls.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, will focus on their record on job creation.

Miliband has challenged Cameron to a one-on-one debate in the remaining three weeks of the campaign after the prime minister refused to take part in the BBC debate, which Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg also sat out.

During Thursday’s 90-minute encounter - which was watched by an audience of about 4.3 million - Miliband, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, UKIP’s Nigel Farage and Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood clashed over cuts, the NHS, immigration and defense.

A snap poll taken immediately after the debate suggested that Miliband had come out on top but the BBC’s Ross Hawkins said that all five leaders would have been satisfied with their performance.

Thursday’s multi-party leaders’ debate, the second and final one of the campaign, also saw Farage criticize the process for choosing the studio audience which he described as “hostile” to UKIP.

The BBC said the normal procedures had been followed, with the audience selected by an independent polling company, rather than the broadcaster, to represent the spread of opinion in the population.

UKIP is not expected to make a complaint.

During Thursday’s debate, Miliband rejected an offer from SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to “work together” to keep the Conservatives out of power in the event of one party not winning enough seats to form a government on their own.

Opinion polls have suggested the SNP is on course to win a swathe of seats in Scotland and to be in a powerful position in the event of an inconclusive result.

The SNP has ruled out any deal with the Conservatives but said they would be prepared to support Labor on a vote-by-vote basis.