China Urges Resumption of N. Korea Nuclear Talks

China Urges Resumption of N. Korea Nuclear TalksChina Urges Resumption of N. Korea Nuclear Talks

All parties involved in talks about North Korea’s nuclear program need to meet each other half way and address each other’s concerns to create conditions to resume negotiations, China’s foreign minister said.

Numerous efforts to restart the talks since they were last held over six years ago have failed, Reuters reported.

Last month, South Korea’s representative to the talks said China and Russia, as well as the United States, Japan, and South Korea, have reached “a certain degree of consensus,” on how to restart the process.

Interviewed by a Russian television station, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said all sides had a joint responsibility to resolve the problem appropriately to ensure regional peace and stability. “The nuclear issue has been around for a long time and is intricate and complicated,” Wang said, according to a transcript released by the Chinese foreign ministry on Tuesday.

“Only if the symptoms and the causes are addressed ... and there is a full and equal resolution of all sides’ concerns can we find a way out,” he added.

China is isolated North Korea’s only remaining ally of note, but relations have soured due to Beijing’s anger at Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.