Iraqi PM Orders Arrest of Looters in Tikrit

Iraqi PM Orders Arrest of  Looters in Tikrit
Iraqi PM Orders Arrest of  Looters in Tikrit

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Friday called on security forces to arrest anyone breaking the law in the city of Tikrit, where looting has been taking place following the ouster of Islamic State militants earlier this week.

“The prime minister calls on the forces in Tikrit to arrest any person who performs such acts and to preserve the belongings and facilities in Salahuddin province,” the prime minister’s office said in a statement, France 24 reported.

The Iraqi government claimed victory over IS insurgents in Tikrit on Wednesday after a month-long battle for the Sunni Muslim city fought by the Iraqi army and federal police, with the support of Shiite militiamen.

Abadi said enforcement of the law was essential in order to “bring life back to the province as well as returning families” to the city, the capital of Salahuddin province, which was seized by IS extremists last June.

Sunni lawmakers have complained of looting of homes and government buildings in Tikrit by rogue security force elements.

Rafid Jaboori, a spokesman for the prime minister, would not comment on specific incidents, but said Abadi had a policy of zero tolerance for any rights abuses.

The ability to protect Sunni areas from revenge attacks and criminal actions is a central challenge for Abadi as he seeks to lead Shiite paramilitary volunteers and security forces in the campaign to retake nearly one-third of Iraq from the IS group.