Houthi Leader Hails ‘Revolution’

Houthi Leader Hails ‘Revolution’Houthi Leader Hails ‘Revolution’

The leader of Yemen’s Houthi fighters has described his supporters’ takeover of key parts of the capital, Sanaa, as a “successful revolution”.

Abdul Malik al-Houthi said his movement had forced the government to give in to the demands of the people.

The Houthis and the government signed a deal on Sunday to end deadly clashes.

Under the UN-brokered deal, a new government will be formed and the Houthis and southern separatists will nominate a new prime minister.

“These great efforts created this great success - victory - for all the people, forcing an answer to popular demands,” Houthi said, in a televised speech on Tuesday.

“If it is implemented, this agreement will also change the government, which the people called to fall, to fail, because it stood on an unjust, non-consensual basis,” he said.

Houthi also called for his Shia group’s partnership with Islah, the main Sunni party, the AFP news agency says.

Yemen has remained unstable since anti-government protests in 2011 forced the then-President Ali Abdallah Saleh from office.

Houthis, who are based in the mountainous north of Yemen, have been advancing on Sanaa for several weeks, skirmishing with rivals and staging mass protests calling for greater rights.

The Houthis belong to the minority Zaidi Shia community. They have staged periodic uprisings since 2004 to win greater autonomy for their northern heartland of Saada province.