Israel Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishermen

Israel Navy Attacks Palestinian FishermenIsrael Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishermen

The Zionist naval forces opened fire on several Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of the Gaza Strip, injuring two fishermen and detaining four others, head of the Gaza fishermen’s union said Thursday.

“Israeli gunboats opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off the western coast of Gaza, leaving two fishermen suffering moderate injuries,” AlManar quoted union head Nizar Ayyash as saying.

Four other fishermen were detained by occupation forces who took them to the naval port of Ashdod, according to Ayyash.

He added that the Zionist troops said the boats had gone beyond the six nautical miles from the coast allowed by the Zionist navy.

The occupation army has yet to comment on the fishermen’s assertions.

The Zionist navy routinely opens fire on Palestinian fishing boats on the pretext that they are fishing in unauthorized waters.

Eyewitnesses said the navy attacked the fishing boats close to the shore, causing excessive damage, and forcing the fishers to sail back to the shore.

The Israeli navy frequently attacks Palestinian fishers and their boats in Gaza territorial waters, and in many cases while on shore.

On Monday morning, Israeli gunboats opened fire towards fishermen’s boats in the Gaza Strip, this time off the coasts of Sudaniyya, and Khan Younis.

Last summer, occupation forces allowed Palestinian fishermen to ply their trade up to six nautical miles off the Gaza coast – as opposed to three miles previously.