Israeli Gunboat Infiltrates Lebanese Waters

Israeli Gunboat Infiltrates Lebanese WatersIsraeli Gunboat Infiltrates Lebanese Waters

An Israeli gunboat has infiltrated Lebanese territorial waters and threatened a Lebanese fishing boat, the Lebanese army said Monday.

“In a fresh violation of Lebanese sovereignty, a gunboat dispatched by the Israeli enemy infiltrated Lebanese territorial waters at dawn – by about ten meters – off Ras al-Naqoura and threatened the crew of a Lebanese fishing boat,” according to a Lebanese army statement, World Bulletin reported.

The army frequently complains of Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace and territory, despite a 2006 UN Security Council resolution that ended a month-long war between Israel and Lebanese militant group.

Meanwhile, Palestinians urging a boycott of Israeli products have begun confiscating goods in the West Bank, a movement leader said Tuesday, after activists dumped a truckload of Israeli milk and yogurt in a main square to the cheers of supporters.

Activists will visit shops and target products from six major Israeli food companies in the coming days, boycott leader Abdullah Kmail said.

“We entered the second phase of the campaign which is confiscating and damaging these goods,” he said, adding that Monday’s demonstration was meant to show Palestinians that “the campaign is serious.”

The activists drove a truck carrying Israeli dairy products to a main square in Ramallah, Kmail said. Images in Palestinian media showed a white stream flowing by the crowd of cheering activists.