Thousands Rally in Moscow for Nemtsov

Thousands Rally in Moscow for NemtsovThousands Rally in Moscow for Nemtsov

Thousands of people gathered in central Moscow on Sunday to honor Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead on Friday.

Opposition supporters met at a point not far from the Kremlin, from where they marched to the spot on Great Moskvoretsky Bridge where Mr Nemtsov was killed. Several thousand people were also reported to be marching in St Petersburg, BBC reported.

Moscow city authorities had previously approved a march for up to 50,000 people but organizers said more people would attend following the murder.

Many people carried the national flag and flowers to lay at the scene of the killing, which was piled high with tributes. A few were holding Ukrainian flags.

President Vladimir Putin condemned Nemtsov’s murder as “vile and cynical” and vowed to find the killers.

  Murder Caught on Camera

The murder of Boris Nemtsov that took place on a bridge in central Moscow overnight on Friday was caught on an all-weather camera belonging to TVC television. The low-resolution video hints that the killer may have been waiting for Nemtsov at the bridge.

The camera captured a wide shot of Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, near the Kremlin, where the crime took place. The quality of the footage is only good enough to distinguish the cars on the bridge and the figures of people moving along it.

According to the video, the politician was gunned down at 23:31 Moscow time by a killer who was allegedly waiting for him on the stairs of the bridge.

The murder happened when Nemtsov and his companion – a woman in a white coat – were covered from the camera by a snow-clearing vehicle passing by.