Germany Proposes Major EU Reforms

Germany Proposes Major EU Reforms
Germany Proposes Major EU Reforms

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has suggested that a major EU reform is needed to make it easier for new countries to join the bloc. He floated the idea in an interview with DPA news agency.

During his recent joint-visit to Kiev with the leaders of France and Italy, Scholz made clear that his country “wants a positive decision in favor of Ukraine as a EU candidate country.”

Meanwhile, other EU countries, DPA noted, have set conditions for Ukraine’s status to be approved, with Austria requesting candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania seeking it for Georgia.

Speaking to DPA, Scholz chose not to comment on these obstacles but stressed that the bloc should change to welcome new members more easily.

“To do this, it has to modernize its structures and decision-making processes. It will not be always possible to decide unanimously on everything that has to be decided unanimously today,” he said.

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