Don’t Blame Crimea for Joining Russia: Sarkozy

Don’t Blame Crimea for Joining Russia: SarkozyDon’t Blame Crimea for Joining Russia: Sarkozy

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy said said on Saturday Crimea cannot be blamed for seceding from Ukraine – a country in turmoil – and choosing to join Russia. He also added that Ukraine “is not destined to join the EU.”

 “We are part of a common civilization with Russia,” said Sarkozy, speaking on Saturday at the congress of the Union for a Popular Movement Party (UMP), which the former president heads, RT reported.

“The interests of the Americans with the Russians are not the interests of Europe and Russia,” he said adding that “we do not want the revival of a Cold War between Europe and Russia.”

Regarding Crimea’s choice to secede from Ukraine when the country was in the midst of political turmoil, Sarkozy noted that the residents of the peninsula cannot be accused for doing so.

“Crimea has chosen Russia, and we cannot blame it,” he said pointing out that “we must find the means to create a peacekeeping force to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine.”

In March 2014 over 96 percent of Crimea’s residents – the majority of whom are ethnic Russians – voted to secede from Ukraine to reunify with Russia.