Tense Standoff in Brexit Talks

Tense Standoff in Brexit Talks Tense Standoff in Brexit Talks

When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a videoconference with the leaders of European Union last month, officials on both sides came away optimistic that a deal on their post-Brexit relationship was in sight. That confidence is evaporating.
Informal meetings between the UK and EU’s chief negotiators since then have failed to make progress, according to people with knowledge of the discussions. 
Privately, EU officials say their attempts to compromise haven’t been reciprocated, while their UK counterparts retort that the bloc’s concessions haven’t gone far enough, Business Insider reported,
With time to reach an agreement running out, the pressure is building on UK’s David Frost and EU’s Michel Barnier as they begin their first full round of negotiations for six weeks with a dinner in London on Monday. 
If the two sides fail to reach an agreement, tariffs and quotas will be reimposed when the UK parts ways with the bloc at the yearend.

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