China Denounces US Hostile Behavior During Pandemic

China Denounces US Hostile Behavior During Pandemic China Denounces US Hostile Behavior During Pandemic

Chinese President Xi Jinping censured the United States' insistence on proceeding with its maximum economic pressure on Iran during the coronavirus pandemic. 
"Unfortunately, some countries seek to exploit the current situation for political purposes, but China is ready to implement international regulations," he said in a phone conversation with Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday, reported. 
The US imposed serious sanctions on Tehran in 2018 after it quit the 2015 nuclear deal and has refused to ease its so-called maximum pressure campaign during the viral outbreak despite a global outcry. 
Rouhani appreciated Beijing's stance against American "cruel and illegal" sanctions, hoping that the efforts of countries such as China will help create a world without sanctions. 
"Today, the world is in a situation when all [countries] need each other's help, while some [countries] exhibit an inhumane behavior and continue their illegal and anti-human sanctions," he said.
The president also pointed to US interventionism in the region, saying such measures will threaten the peace, security and stability of this area of the world. 
"The security of the region and [its] waterways is of great importance to Iran. Unfortunately, America's dangerous activities can undermine the stability of the Persian Gulf region," he said. 
Xi said the security of Persian Gulf is essential to global peace and stability, and highlighted Iran's initiative known as the Hormuz Peace Endeavor as "a very positive step" for keeping the region free of tension. 
The peace plan, which was introduced by Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly last September, invites all regional states plus the UN to join hands in protecting Persian Gulf safety. 
The two presidents later stressed that Tehran-Beijing's relations are strategic and trade ties between the two countries are “promising”. 
They called for further expanding relations by implementing bilateral agreements and joint infrastructural projects as soon as possible. 
Rouhani and Xi also agreed to improve cooperation within the framework of the Silk Road multilateral plan by launching joint projects in West Asia.

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