Mexican Attorney: All Missing Students Dead

Mexican Attorney: All Missing Students DeadMexican Attorney: All Missing Students Dead

Mexico’s attorney general says he can prove what happened to 43 students who disappeared in the southern state of Guerrero in September.

Jesus Murillo Karam said his team had interviewed 99 people including members of the criminal gang whom he alleges murdered the students. Correspondents say it is the first time he has declared all the students dead, BBC reported.

Parents reacted angrily, saying that without proof, they would continue to believe their children were alive.

Murillo insisted that the students were killed by the gang and their bodies burnt at a rubbish dump - an explanation which relatives of the disappeared have rejected. He said his team had 39 confessions from police and from members of the gang.

The remains of only one student have been identified so far after badly burnt bones were sent to a laboratory in Austria for DNA analysis. The laboratory said it was impossible to identify any others because of the bad condition of the remains.

Murillo said his information was based on 386 declarations from interviewees, 16 police raids and two reconstructions.

He said a key witness was Felipe Rodriguez Salgado, otherwise known as “El Cepillo”, a member of the criminal gang who is alleged to have taken part in the kidnapping, murder and disappearance of the students

He said evidence of gas, diesel and burnt rocks and steel from the inside of tires at the scene proved this had taken place.

He also said forensic research showed the fire would have been hot enough to burn all 43 bodies - a view which has been disputed by Mexican scientists.