Need to Recognize Persistent Drought to Push Adaptation

The fact that drought is expected to persist in Iran needs to be understood and accepted so as to push the residents to take adaptation strategies more seriously
Need to Recognize Persistent  Drought to Push Adaptation Need to Recognize Persistent  Drought to Push Adaptation
It has been predicted that 334 Iranian cities home to a total population of around 35 million will experience water tensions in the upcoming summer

A wide acknowledgement of Iran's persistent drought is essential to prompting both authorities and the public to more seriously consider techniques to adapt to the arid condition, a senior official at the Department of Environment said. 
According to Shina Ansari, director of monitoring office at DOE, the majority of scientific studies have confirmed that the effects of climate change have been greater in the Middle East than the global average. 
"This means that more dry days are ahead of us and consequently, more frequent and widespread dust storms are expected," she said, Zist Online reported. 
She regretted that despite visible indications of climate change, including the continuous drop in precipitation, no notable change has been made in water consumption in agriculture, industry and household sectors. 
Although adaptation techniques have been frequently discussed and even included in five-year development plans, their implementation has been too slow in proportion with the severity of the issue. 
"This negligence has led to the growth of domestic sources of dust storm," she said. 


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