"Green Brexit" Meets UK Cabinet Backlash

"Green Brexit" Meets UK Cabinet Backlash"Green Brexit" Meets UK Cabinet Backlash

The British environment secretary is facing the wrath of UK ministers over his plans for a so-called “Green Brexit” as his colleagues in cabinet fear an increase in red tape.

Michael Gove has already committed the UK to an independent environmental body to make sure green protections are embedded before the UK quits the bloc.  

However, the decision has raised concerns over the cost and bureaucracy such laws would generate for the UK, politicshome.com reported.  

Certain groups also have concerns over the implications green legislation would have on the construction of new roads and railway lines.

Others in the cabinet are said to be worried over environmental legislation’s ability to generate red tape.

An MP who is an ally of Gove told The Daily Telegraph that the opposition to his plans is "stupid and short-sighted".

The MP said: "We have said that we will maintain, and in some areas exceed them. It is the right thing to do and it has the Prime Minister's backing."

Gove announced plans to commit the UK to the EU’s existing environmental laws after Brexit earlier this year.

However, he added the laws were not enough without an independent body to oversee them.

Currently the European Commission oversees environmental legislation but Gove plans to replace it with this new watchdog.


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