Gazelle Population Growing

Gazelle Population GrowingGazelle Population Growing

The population of Persian gazelle, an endangered species, has increased from 40 to 200 in Damghan, Semnan Province, since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 21, 2017).

According to Faramarz Esfandiari, the head of the provincial office of the Department of Environment, replenishment of water resources in natural reserves, installation of water pumps and participation of locals in protecting wildlife and raising public awareness seem to have paid off.

Esfandiari hoped that in the near future, the entire country will turn into the main habitat for the precious animal, Mehr News Agency reported.

The increase in the population of herbivores will result in the growth in the number of their natural predators, including wolves, leopard and hyenas.

"It is not farfetched that the rare cheetahs, which once lived in the area, will also make a comeback," he said.  

The official noted that a slight increase is also observed in the population of other mammals such as bighorn sheep, which indicates that the strategies taken so far have been effective.

Esfandiari commended the efforts of park rangers in maintaining the security of the natural areas of Damghan.

The endangered gazelle, a subspecies of goitered gazelle, was long thought extinct in Iran until it was spotted again in the 2007. It may very well be heading for a revival in the country.

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