Atlantic Shark Discovered

Atlantic Shark Discovered Atlantic Shark Discovered

Scientists have discovered a species of shark that makes its home in the Atlantic Ocean.  This particular family of the deep-sea predators was so elusive that it took scientists decades to identify that a new species exists in the Atlantic Ocean. The species belongs to the six-gill sharks family and has been named the Atlantic Six-Gill Shark. These sharks are different from six-gills residing in the Indian and Pacific oceans, although the differences are not easy to spot for the naked eye, the International Business Times reported.  The newly identified sharks are smaller compared to their relatives in the Indian and Pacific oceans. While the Indo-Pacific six-gill sharks grow to be over 4.5 meters long, these ones are only about 2 meters long. The new shark species also have unique, saw-like teeth in their lower jaw and six-gill slits. The new research was the collaborative work of researchers from Florida Institute of Technology, MarAlliance, Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory and the National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center.


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