Germany Offers Environmental Expertise

German automakers are willing to collaborate with Iran to replace the transport fleet.
German automakers are willing to collaborate with Iran to replace the transport fleet.

Iran and Germany discussed areas of collaboration to address Iran's environmental challenges. 

In a meeting with German Ambassador in Tehran Michael Klor-Berchtold on Monday, Isa Kalantari, the head of Iran's Department of Environment, officially invited Germany's Federal Environmental Minister Barbara Hendricks to travel to Iran to forge closer environmental ties between the two countries. 

"Borders do not matter when it comes to the natural environment, because issues in each part of the world can affect other parts too," he was quoted as saying by DOE's official website.  

Klor-Berchtold pointed to his country's national and international achievements in the field of environment and expressed readiness to share its experiences with Iran. 

"Germany places such a high value on the environment that a green political party has been formed to support eco-friendly activities," he said. 

The ambassador noted that German automakers are willing to collaborate with Iran to replace the transport fleet. 

"As with water management, arrangements have been made so that an Iranian team of experts can observe Germany's successful projects in this regard," he said. 

Klor-Berchtold regretted USA's withdrawal from the Paris climate change deal (adopted on 12 December 2015), assuring that Germany would stick to its commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. 

Kalantari pointed to Iran's major problems, especially the deepening water crisis, for which the country needs assistance for a major reform in "resource management and consumption as well as cultivation and irrigation methods".

Besides, air quality in major cities is deteriorating because of dilapidated vehicles, especially trucks that ply the streets at night. 

"The government has set an agenda to replace heavy-duty vehicles and welcomes Germany's assistance in achieving this goal," he said. 

Kalantari noted that any plan that can help Iran benefit from Germany's new technology and know-how in upgrading the transportation fleet and managing waste is welcome. 

"Training experts and park rangers could also help overcome ecological problems," he said. 

Kaveh Madani, DOE's deputy for social, international, technology and training affairs, proposed the designation of Iran-Germany Environment Day in cooperation with specialized organizations. 

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