Japan to Help Iranians Combat Dust Storms

Japan to Help Iranians Combat Dust StormsJapan to Help Iranians Combat Dust Storms

In an effort to curb dust and sand pollution, Iran's National Convention to Combat Dust Storms is seeking to use Japan's successful experience in the field by implementing joint projects.

Japan has earlier successfully controlled dust storms enveloping its western parts that share a marine border with China through a precise monitoring and forecast network that helped the country predict the approximate time and path of dust storms.

Ziaeddin Shoaei, the head of national convention, said a similar plan could significantly help Iran combat the growing trouble, ISNA reported.

"With Japan's help, a ceilometer, which was earlier used to estimate the height of cloud ceiling or cloud base to plan flights, was equipped with a depolarization system, and installed in the most vulnerable sites (especially Khuzestan Province) earlier last week as a pilot test for monitoring storms," he said.

The data are to be analyzed by the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2018).

The data obtained from the monitoring system could also help increase the accuracy of early prediction models developed by World Health Organization and World Meteorological Organization," he added.

Shoaei hoped that if the plan turns out to be a success, it could be extended to the western neighboring countries, which are the foreign sources of dust storms.

The cooperation is based on an MoU signed between Japan's Ministry of Environment and Iran's Department of Environment in April to curb dust storms and air pollution in metropolises.

"According to the agreement, DOE is committed to develop pollution monitoring and predicting plans with the help of Japan's modern technology," he said.

Japan has also pledged to provide Iran with technical knowledge and organize three training workshops jointly conducted by Kyushu University, the Ministry of Environment and Meteorological Agency of Japan.


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