Bill to Help Park Rangers in Limbo

The maximum salary of a park ranger is 12 million rials ($300).
The maximum salary of a park ranger is 12 million rials ($300).

Despite the difficult and hazardous working conditions, park rangers in Iran neither earn an acceptable livelihood nor receive special support, the former advisor to the head of Iran’s Department of Environment complained.

Esmail Kahrom recently voiced his dismay over the unfair negligence over park rangers’ frustrating situation, censuring the officials for their inaction, Zist Online reported.

“The job definition of these hardworking low-paid people is not known to many people,” he said.

These people have to work in remote areas away from their families for weeks and their maximum salary reaches 12 million rials ($300). They are also constantly at risk of clashing with poachers, which has so far led to a number of legal cases against rangers.  

He added that even the bill submitted to the parliament to support park rangers is in a state of limbo.

Based on the bill, park rangers are covered by articles 12 to 15 of the law concerning the use of weapons in emergencies by armed forces.

This means that if the government concludes that a park ranger involved in an accident has abided by the law, it will bear the financial costs incurred by the ranger, ranging from legal fees to possible compensation demanded by the family of a poacher because of bodily harm or loss of life.

The bill also states that the Expediency Council’s directive about government-sponsored insurance schemes such as liability or medical insurance must apply to park rangers and their families.

Kahrom urged the parliament to pass the bill as soon as possible.


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