Storms Shut Key Ports

Storms Shut Key PortsStorms Shut Key Ports

Operations at Qeshm, Hormoz and Bandar Abbas ports off the Persian Gulf came to a halt Monday as powerful dust storms and recurring thunderstorms engulfed Iran’s southern regions.

Ayat Haqqani, Qeshm Island’s chief meteorologist told IRNA high winds began picking up on Saturday and peaked on Monday.

Bandar Abbas, capital of the southern Hormuzgan Province, in a key international port and trading center in Iran handling most of the imports and exports to and from the country. More strong winds are expected from Wednesday through Friday and local authorities must be prepared, the weatherman said.

This year’s El Nino — a warm condition which spurs extreme weather patterns on a global scale, from flooding in California to droughts in Australia — is expected to be one of the strongest on record and is predicted to particularly affect coastal regions in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.