Plan to Save 30 Animal Species From Extinction

Plan to Save 30 Animal Species From ExtinctionPlan to Save 30 Animal Species From Extinction

A plan has been devised to save 30 animal species in Iran from extinction, director general of Wildlife and Biodiversity Office at the Department of Environment, Seyyed Majid Kharrazian Moqaddam, said.

The plan is aimed at saving species, especially ungulates (hoofed animals), on the verge of extinction, IRNA reported.

Quoting the official, IRNA reported that the plan, titled Ungulates Protection Program, has been included in the sixth five-year economic development plan (2016-21).

“The plan outlines measures that will ultimately save those animals,” he said.

Pointing to international reports that consider poaching to be the number one threat to wildlife in the Middle East, Moqaddam said Iran has done very well to protect animals from poachers compared to most regional countries.

The official referred to raising awareness about environmental problems and encouraging public participation in protective efforts as the most important tasks of DOE and called for concerted efforts to curb illegal hunting.

“Over the past 50 years, the population of Iranian ungulates has decreased dramatically. Therefore, drawing up wildlife protection plans and organizing training workshops are imperative,” he said.