Compost Plant to Be Built in Langaroud

Compost Plant to Be Built in LangaroudCompost Plant to Be Built in Langaroud

A compost plant will be established in Langaroud County, Gilan Province, representative of Langaroud in the parliament, Mehrdad Lahouti, said in a meeting on waste management.

The project plan was approved by Municipalities and Rural Management Organization. The private sector will fund 51% of the project, while the Golestan Governorate will finance the rest.

Industrial slaughterhouses, urban sewage and waste management have traditionally been three major environmental issues in Langaroud. With the installation of new piping systems and treatment in slaughterhouses to help reduce their environmental impact, waste management and urban sewage remain major problems, Mehr News Agency reported.

Lahouti said previous projects aimed at solving Langaroud’s waste problem failed because unqualified individuals were put in charge. He hopes that collaboration between the private and public sectors will help stem the problem.

Reports suggest that nearly 2,000 tons of waste are produced in Gilan every day, that is 800 grams of waste per every urbanite and 500 grams per villager daily.

As concern about landfill space increases, worldwide interest in recycling by means of composting is growing, since it converts decomposable organic materials into useful products.

In addition to space, waste leachate from landfills has destructive impacts on the environment.

Lahouti called for people’s cooperation and urged officials to promote environmental awareness in schools and workplaces.