Animal Smuggling Thwarted

Animal Smuggling ThwartedAnimal Smuggling Thwarted

Following a tip-off on the illegal trade of two young Iranian jungle cats, the environment protection unit at Tehran’s Department of Environment began a covert operation and approached the smuggler as potential buyers.

The head of the unit, Taqi Mirza Karimi, told Iran Environment and Wildlife Watch that once a price was agreed—20 million rials ($600) per cat—and the handover took place, the smuggler was arrested. He was fined 6 million rials ($181) and must now await his court hearing.

The offender claimed to have purchased the cats from a zoo, and Mirza Karimi said investigation is underway to check the veracity of his claim. “If true, legal action will be taken against those responsible.”

The jungle cats (scientific name: Felis chaus) have been moved to DOE’s veterinary clinic at Pardisan Park in Tehran and will remain under observation and care for the time being.