Call for Dust Storm Contingency Plans

Call for Dust Storm Contingency Plans

The unremitting dust storms engulfing Iran’s western and southwestern provinces have increased in both frequency and severity over the past five months. Even though the phenomenon is not new, the regularity at which it occurs is worrying, and the gravity of the situation is not lost on Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani.
In a meeting with top officials of the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Larijani stressed the need to be fully prepared against dust storms to reduce their impact to the extent possible. He commended the organization’s services and said, “Heavy responsibilities rest upon the shoulders of the Red Crescent Society. Iran is a natural disaster-prone country; as such, the organization’s preparedness is of utmost importance. “
  Tackling Dust Storms
In February, severe dust storms in Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province filled emergency rooms and forced people to stay indoors, essentially crippling life in the provincial capital.
“We do not have a large organization dedicated to fighting dust storms,” Larijani said, adding that an important step towards reducing the repercussions of dust storms is combating desertification and promoting desert greening, “which require the cooperation of various organizations.”
He called for the Red Crescent Society to hold meetings with the Department of Environment and the Basij organization to brainstorm and divide responsibilities to help fight desertification and reduce sources of dust storms.
“Battling dust storms should be a priority for the Red Crescent Society, lest they cause irreparable damage to the country and the people,” he warned, adding that the MPs will support the organization in their fight against the dangerous phenomenon.

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