Experts Review Water Crisis

Experts Review Water CrisisExperts Review Water Crisis

Drought and the increasing water shortage in Iran have attracted immense domestic and international attention and concern in recent years. A plethora of reasons are said to be aggravating the crisis, namely high consumption, waste, and years of declining precipitation.

A series of meetings are held regularly at the House of Humanities Thinkers called ‘Water, Culture, and Society’ to help address the worsening water problem and explore effective and workable ways to alleviate the deteriorating situation, with the worst still to come. The gatherings are the product of collaboration between the Iran Water Crisis Management, a prominent think tank, the Iranian Association of Cultural Studies and Communication, and the Center for Strategic Studies. The 5th session of the series late Tuesday was attended by Dr. Mohsen Renani, Isfahan University professor of economics, Hussein Imani and Ahmad Firouzabadi, Tehran University professors of social sciences. Issues discussed included the importance and impact of social values, norms, and social capital in managing the water crisis. Conferees also focused on the role of the public and state in helping find solutions. Gholamreza Ghaffari, a lecturer of social science at Tehran University, hosted the session. The Financial Tribune will soon publish a report on the latest meeting.